Innovative Ways To Share Your Referral Code!

Referring friends to Pangea is an easy way to get extra money to send to your family! Each time that a friend completes their first transfer using your personal promo code, you will get $25 extra on your next transfer. They will also get $25 on their first transfer, so everyone wins!


You’ve probably received our emails showing you the 4 main ways to share your code through Facebook, text message, Whatsapp, and email. We’ve got some other cool ideas for you to share your code in different ways:


1. Instagram: Instagram is a great way to share. You can take a picture of the screen in the Pangea app that contains your promo code or make a creative picture with your code in it. You can also publish an Instagram Story explaining Pangea to your followers and how they can get extra money using your promo code.


2. Facebook Live: This is the new hot feature to use on Facebook. Having a stream about Pangea and how users can send money home with a bonus using your promo code could be an effective way to share your code. Make sure you tag your friends and followers in whatever video you post so they know where to look!


3. You should also share printed materials: We all have those family members who aren’t tech-savvy. This is an audience that you could be missing out on by sharing online. You can create some printed materials or some cards to hand out with your promo code on them.


4. Whatsapp: There are other ways to share your promo code apart from directly messaging your friends. You can also change your status, or send a broadcast with your promo code in it so that people can use it when they need to send money with Pangea. This way your entire contact list can see it, not just the friends you send it to!


There are many different ways to share your personal promo code. Remember it doesn’t matter how many people use your promo code, there are no limits! If 4 friends complete their first transfer using your promo code, you get $100! If you have a special or creative idea, make sure to share it with us in the comments section or on our social media.


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