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5 Pups to make your monday!

At Pangea, we know Monday’s can be a drag.. so we turn to our Pangea Pups, who know just what to do to put a smile on our faces. Here are 5 Pangea Pups to get you through the Monday blues:


  1. 1. This pretty pooch, who is 100% going to steal your man:
  2. 41752AC4-31F9-41E0-AFD9-799B86144868.jpg



2. This pup, who is grateful that the Chicago summer has arrived!

  1. IMG_20170611_123405.jpg



3. This doggo, who just got asked if he’s a good boy:




4. This pupper, who knows you only pretended to throw the ball: 



  1. 5. And this doggo, who just wants to sleep Mondays away…




Other than sending money to family to brighten their day, looking at puppy pics has been classed as the number one Smile-Maker at Pangea!


Tell us your Pangea story!

How have you helped your family in Latin America by sending money with Pangea?

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