Engaging Personally With Our Users.

As Pangea Money Transfer's Engagement Marketing Manager, I come across many people on a daily basis. It is important that I, not only educate those I come across on our product and service, but that I fully engage them enough that they are willing to share a moment with me via a selfie.


A selfie with a potential User or Affiliate guarantees me that I have done my job. Selfies are personal and arriving at someone's comfort level in the few minutes I have with them lets me know that the information I provided about our product and service resonated. This will eventually lead to a transfer.


Selfies are here to stay and with our recent expansion to 9 countries in Asia so are we. Inviting the "selfie game" into our engagement process has made our work that much more fulfilling. At the same time, it makes us unique and personable. Being unique and personable comes a long way and it definitely helps break barriers. Lastly, selfies are universal and we are well on our way to being that too!


We are looking forward to partnering with the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce:


When: August 27th from 4PM to 8PM


Where: Ping Tom Memorial Park, 300 W. 19th Street Chicago, IL


What: Chicago Shakespeare in the Park presents Romeo & Juliet


Why: Participating in community functions is essential to our growth!


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