Innovative Ways To Share Your Referral Code!

Referring friends to Pangea is an easy way to get extra money to send to your family! Each time that a friend completes their first transfer using your personal promo code, you will get $25 extra on your next transfer. They will also get $25 on their first transfer, so everyone wins!

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Maneras Innovadoras Para Referir A Tus Amigos.

Referir a tus amigos a Pangea es una manera muy fácil de recibir dinero extra para enviarle a tu familia. Cada vez que uno de tus amigos complete su primer envío usando tu promo code personal, recibirás $25 extra en tu próximo envío de dinero.

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Receive $90 extra for 2 referrals! Happy Holidays!

It’s back! From now until January 15th you can receive $50 extra when you refer two or more people to use Pangea for the first time. That means you will receive $90 total when you add the standard $20 referral bonus per person!
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¡Recibe $90 extra cuando refieres a dos amigos! ¡Felices Fiestas!

¡Ya regreso la promoción de $50 extra! Cuando refieres a dos personas a usar Pangea Money Transfer con tu promo code personal, recibirás $50 EXTRA. ¡Así es! $50 más los $20 por cada referido. ¡Eso significa que recibirás un total de $90 EXTRA!
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¿Cómo Hago un Envío con Pangea?

El enviar dinero con una aplicación móvil puede sonar un poco intimidante o complicado, ¡especialmente si lo has estado haciendo en persona por años! Enviar dinero con Pangea es más fácil de lo que piensas.

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How Do I Send a Transfer With Pangea?

Sending money using a mobile app might sound intimidating or complicated, especially if you’ve been doing it in person for years! But sending money with the Pangea Money Transfer app is much easier than you think.

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New! Send Up to $2,999 Per Transfer. Same $4.95 Fee.

We’ve made an exciting update to the Pangea Money Transfer app! You can now send up to $2,999 per day—for the same flat fee of $4.95. Here’s what you need to know the next time you send money to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, or the Dominican Republic:
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Why You Should Use a Debit Card Instead of Cash

Are you still using cash to pay for everything, whether it’s your groceries or a money transfer?

A debit card is an easy alternative to paying with cash—and can also help make it easier to get cash when you need it.
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How to Find Pangea's Daily Exchange Rates

With the Pangea Money Transfer app, a dollar goes a long way! Our locked-in, competitive exchange rates guarantee you save more in the United States and send more to your family abroad.

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Sending Money to Mexico? Get It There Faster: Send a Debit Card Deposit

Have you tried the fastest way to send money to Mexico? With the Pangea Money Transfer app, you can send money instantly to any debit card in Mexico!

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Tell us your Pangea story!

How have you helped your family in Latin America by sending money with Pangea?

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