¿Cuánto vale tu dinero?

¿Sabes cuánto te cuesta enviar dinero? Cuando estés decidiendo qué compañía usar para tus envíos de dinero, no solamente tomes en cuenta el tipo de cambio o la comisión. Combina estos dos y date cuenta cuánto realmente vale tu dinero.

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How much is your money worth?

How much is your transfer really costing you? When considering which service to use for your money transfer, don’t just take into account the exchange rate or the flat fee. Combine these to see how far your money truly reaches. Make sure to throw in the convenience that Pangea offers as an extra bonus!

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Why You Should Use a Debit Card Instead of Cash

Are you still using cash to pay for everything, whether it’s your groceries or a money transfer?

A debit card is an easy alternative to paying with cash—and can also help make it easier to get cash when you need it.
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Ways to Save Money When You Send Money

At Pangea, it’s our mission to make money transfer simple, fair, and safe. We work hard every day to ensure that our mobile app is fast, easy to use, and secure. And of course, we also want to help you save money when you send money!

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Tips for Avoiding Online Scams

Using the Pangea Money Transfer mobile app is always fast and easy, but we work hard to make sure it’s safe and secure, too! That’s why we offer a secure login and verify your phone number immediately after creating an account for added protection. We also monitor your money transfer transactions 24/7.

You can also help Pangea protect you by being aware of safe money sending practices and sharing that information with your friends and family. To ensure you’re not the target of online scams, keep in mind these quick tips.

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A Note from Pangea Money Transfer's Security Team



Soy Felipe, del equipo de Cumplimiento de Pangea.


Quiero compartirte que en Pangea contamos con personas como tú, quienes en busca de un sueño o una mejor oportunidad de vida para ellos y su familia han llegado a los Estados Unidos. Sabemos que el día a día no es fácil, se trabaja muy duro, y a veces es difícil ganar dinero honradamente para poder ayudar a quienes se quedaron en casa. Por lo que entendemos lo importante que es que ese dinero llegue con seguridad a su destino.


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Making Money Transfer Safe and Secure

Hello! My name is Felipe and I’m a Compliance Officer here at Pangea Money Transfer. As a member of our Security Team, our success depends on the security of our users. That’s why our #1 goal is making sure our money transfer app is not only fast and easy but, the safest too! So no matter what country you’re sending money to, you can run all your transactions securely and smoothly from one place.

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Pangea Money Transfer Going Global

It’s with great pride that we announce the launch of Pangea Money Transfer's global expansion to 60 countries around the world. This will be a staged release over the next few weeks beginning with Latin America. 


We're at the forefront of our industry innovating in the areas of account creation, payment types and redemption channels to give our users an easier and cheaper way to send moneyOur new risk engine makes every dollar you send more secure and it's all protected by our 100% money back guarantee.  

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3 Must-Know Tips to Send Money Around the World

Do you know how to find the best way to send money to Latin America?


Sending money seems like a simple task, but there are a few tips you need to know in order to save time and money. 

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Tell us your Pangea story!

How have you helped your family in Latin America by sending money with Pangea?

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