When Rochy Uses Pangea, Her Mom Can Pick Up the Cash Two Blocks Away

Rochy has lived in the United States for nearly 12 years, but the rest of her family still lives in Veracruz, Mexico. She sends money to her parents and brothers back home about four times each year. In the past, she’s used Western Union or sent the money directly from her bank.

Recently, Rochy decided to use Pangea’s mobile app to send her mother cash for her birthday—and they both loved it.

“It was so easy for me to send, and easy for my mom to pick up the cash,” she says. Rochy sent the money transfer right from her cell phone while at the office, and her mom was able to pick up the money at a location just two blocks from her house in Veracruz.  

Their favorite part of the experience: Pangea’s text message confirming the transfer. Rochy says it was the first service she’s used that sent a text message confirmation, removing the hassle of having to send screenshots or photos.

“I send money to my parents every year, and they’ve never received a text, so that was great,” she says. (The fixed fee of $3.95 doesn’t hurt, either!)



Rochy, who lives in Chicago, will soon be heading to Veracruz for the holidays. “My whole family is in Mexico, so every year, Christmas is my opportunity to see everybody,” she says. “It’s very important to me.”

We hope that thanks to the extra cash Rochy recently sent using Pangea, her family’s Christmas party will be even more memorable this year!

Pangea strives to reduce the cost and pain points of sending money back home every day, and we’re especially happy to help during the holiday season. 


Create your free account today, and be sure to share your Pangea Money Transfer story on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Now through January 2, 2016, first-time users can send $10 extra on us with promo code HOLIDAYS. 

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